olymp trade Microenterprise is a viable solution for many individuals and has proven itself as an effective strategy for achieving significant gains in the incomes and assets of those left out of the economic mainstream.  Microenterprises create jobs, build assets, and enhance individuals' skills.  Microenterprises also generate new economic activity, which increases public tax revenues and private incomes, and reduces dependence on public assistance.

As a nonprofit organization, META’s team is interested in more than just your bottom line—we’re interested in you and your goals.  Looking to get your business financed?  Did your loan request get turned down by your bank or credit union because you haven’t been in business long enough or didn’t have enough collateral to secure your loan?  


Credit score not perfect because of prior bankruptcy or because you’re new to the country?  Contact us through this website or simply call us and let’s talk.  Our team is ready to help.

Upcoming Events

Monthly business lunch workshops are held from 11:45am- 1:15pm at US Bank at 101 S. Capitol Blvd., Suite 200 in downtown Boise.

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